Independent American video game publisher Shrapnel Games has begun its own summer sale. Gamers who enjoy the strategy and role-playing genres can acquire any of their current games on discount from their store. The sale ends on July 7, 2017. Below are details from the press release on some of the games available.

Air Assault Task Force – Because modern militaries rely on helicopters to deliver troops and not underground giant drill machines these troops are considered Air Assault. Crank up the Wagner and bring death from above in another superb modern warfare simulation from ProSIM.

Battle Group Commander: Episode One – You’re British. You blow up Soviet equipment while eating Salisbury steak. Actually, while on the plains of Salisbury. Pip pip, cheerio!

BCT Commander – Wikipedia says BCT is a brigade combat team. Or the Broward County Transit authority. Either command a force of modern military units or a bunch of buses and light rail as you fight against the Axis of Evil and friends around the globe.

The Falklands War: 1982 – The eighties was a simpler time, one in which men without head gear urged the world to safely dance. But not all folks cared for dancing. At the bottom of the world the British and Argentineans faced each other not in a dance-off, but in a battle of Exocets and Harriers.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War – Tired of watching the news and seeing South Korea constantly being picked on by North Korea? Stand up for professional Starcraft players and take it to the DPRK!

The Star and the Crescent – Not a modern morality play about a Hollywood starlet and her disdain for crescent rolls, this is another simulation of excellence from ProSIM. Battle in the Mid-East in past and future conflicts.
War Plan Pacific – Sequel to Peace Plan Pacific you can fight the entire PTO in a single evening even after they said it couldn’t be done. Featuring multiple victory conditions, not to mention a slew of fatalities and secret endings, this is THE Pacific game to have on your hard drive.

winSPMBT Enhanced Edition – It’s like someone took the greatest modern tactical miniature game and using technowizardry transferred it to your computer. Chock full of so much gaming it threatens to collapse time-space when you play. Yes, it’s that awesome.

winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition – More magick! Shermans, Panthers, and Cromwells fight on the beaches, in the fields, and beyond. Way too much gaming is contained here, with hundreds of hours of scenarios, campaigns, and quick battles.

Take $6.00 from the retail price of these titles:
Approaching Infinity – A game of stellar exploration, planetary investigation, starship battles, diplomacy, crafting, commodity trading, and much, much more, all set in a totally procedurally generated infinite universe.
ATF: Armored Task Force – An earlier ProSIM title, this is a perfect simulation for fans of the heavy metal thunder that only armor brings. Bring on the lovely tank on tank action across the world, using real-time gameplay and high fidelity maps.

Bronze – Eurogaming on your PC. Fast paced tile laying game of area conquest. Bronze is the new gold.

Salvo! – Before radar, ship to ship missiles, submarines, and carrier air strikes naval warfare consisted of wooden ships piloted by colorfully dressed sailors shooting big balls at each other. Relive the glory days of big balls and stout masts with Salvo!.

World Supremacy – One to eight players build armies, research technology, and conquer the world in a modern day setting. Using simplified mechanics, World Supremacy feels a lot like a cross between Axis & Allies and Attack!. True to Malfador’s game design philosophy World Supremacy fully supports modding.
For the following games you’ll save $10.00 off their normal price:
Air Command 3.0 – A game that actually doesn’t involve blowing the crap out of the enemy. Instead, the object is to ensure that no one gets blown up. Wait, what??? Stimulants to replicate the true feel of being an air traffic controller sold separately.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa – Who doesn’t like to kill monsters and take their loot? Dungeon crawls are much more satisfying when they involve hack and slash as opposed to the “friendly debate over cucumber sandwiches” genre. Kill lots of creatures whose only crime is being ugly (and wanting to kill you first) and then whip up your own adventures.

So there you have them, all our award winning titles on sale thru July 7th. Right now there’s no better time to stay indoors, relax and play computer games. Complete your Shrapnel Games library, and have some good, clean discounted fun!