Normally, birthday celebrants receive presents, but the developers behind the multi-platform MMO Shakes & Fidget have decided to do it the other away around. For its eight anniversary celebration, Playa Games have decided to run a contest with a prize as valuable as it is unusual.

Shakes & Fidget players exchange mushrooms for mounts or epic items in the game, so the contest winner will receive The Golden Mushroom, a unique statue designed by Shakes & Fidget artist Marvin Clifford. The statue is made from actual 14 karat gold and was custom-made by a goldsmith. The material alone is worth more than €25,000 (~$27,000).

The sweepstakes will start on June 23, 2017, and remain open for 30 days. All registered players can participate in the draw via an in-game message. In addition to the main prize, 25,000 in-game mushrooms will be rewarded to other lucky winners.

In addition to the contest, Shakes & Fidget has added numerous special events that will run from June 23 through June 25, 2017 to celebrate its anniversary. Amongst these is the the speed server, where players can compete against each other for 30 days under special conditions. Time on the new server passes twice as fast, which means that all actions are available more often and waiting times are reduced. For example, Construction time for the Fortress buildings is cut in half while players earn six times more experience points and gold. After the event has ended, the speed server will close its gates, but the best 30 players and guilds will be immortalized on the Shakes & Fidget website.

Everyone playing during the celebration weekend days will receive more experience, more epic items, more Gold, more mushrooms, and additional bonuses.