Running from Thursday, February 2, through Sunday, February 5, 2017, the second Power-Up Digital Games Conference (PDGC) is a free event taking place on the chat app Discord. The conference is meant to help educate and inspire new developers, indie developers, aspiring game testers, and other members of the video games industry. While attendance is free, registration comes with perks.

The first PDGC, themed “Words of Wisdom”, took place July 25-31, 2016, in an intense 24/7 marathon that involved 22 guest speakers. The event was successful, despite the lack of a budget and a minuscule staff. This year’s conference, “The Devs Strike Back!”, will focus on the development process. During the event, developers will have the ability to show off their games and projects via text channels and Twitch. Developers can also give permission to allow their projects to be hosted via official PDGC streams. Regular chat discussion will go within the text channels.

With a total of 34 guest speakers, attendees will have a chance to listen and engage as video games experts and industry legends share their experiences and insights. Guest speakers will delve more into the development cycle, proper project management, marketing, and other advanced topics. The content will be composed of Panels of Special Guests speaking about a topic or attendees discussing specific topics verbally.

A returning feature from the previous PGDC is donations to charity. In an effort to support some of their favorite charities during the event, conference organizer Zettabyte MPR will set up a GoFundMe. The majority of the GoFundMe proceeds will be split between Stack-Up and the IGDA Foundation. In order to help defray the cost of the conference, a smaller amount will go to Zettabyte MPR.

“I’m not doing this for money,” said Jesse Collins, CEO of Zettabyte MPR, LLC and founder of the PDGC. “Everyone here is here voluntarily: The special guests, the staff, me. I’m doing this to bring a little wisdom to the world. To help make the industry a better place. I hope to see the PDGC done once or twice a year to give knowledge and experience to the new generation of developers, programmers, and designers from the previous or current generations that have dealt with it already.”

PGDC special guests include:

PDGC partners include: Discord, Indie Collaborative Games, PowerUp Games, ProjectMQ, and Zettabyte MPR.