After raising over $7.84 million in investor funds earlier in the year, Fig has unveiled its first-ever returns to investors. Accredited investors who purchased Fig Game Shares for the first Fig-funded game to be released, Kingdoms and Castles, have doubled the return on their initial investment.

Fig offers non-accredited investors the option to financially support video game development and publishing through the purchase of Fig Game Shares, which are qualified by the SEC. Each series of Fig Game Shares generates returns from the sales of an individual video game title. The company claims it has hosted three of the top four video game crowdfunding campaigns across all crowdfunding sites, and its successful projects include high-profile campaigns for Wastelands 3, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Psychonauts 2, Phoenix Point, and Jay and SIlent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch as well as indie games like Solstice Chronicles: MIA, Solo, Little Bug, Make Sail, Consortium: The Tower, and Trackless.

Developed by the indie devs Lion Shield Studios, the original investments for Kingdoms and Castles were completed in January 2017. Just two weeks after the title’s launch, the game generated over one million dollars in sales. Kingdoms and Castles sold enough copies within 48 hours of release to recover initial investments, and it will continue to generate revenue-sharing for these Fig Game Share investors for up to the next three years.

“Fig takes the best instincts of the community and combines them with a publishing model that gives control back to the developers and the fans that believe in their projects – today we proved that community publishing is a successful way to launch a video game,” said Justin Bailey, CEO and founder of Fig. “By sharing the commercial success of a specific project with supporters, community publishing shifts the focus from that of just successfully funding games to instead focus on the successful development and commercial viability of the titles. ”