Author: Rahul Khurana

No, The Verge, Breath of The Wild is not the future of all video games

The Verge has a crystal ball now. Much like its predecessors at CNET and Forbes who saw the future where Star Wars: The Old Republic displaced World of Warcraft and became the Future of Video Gaming™, they too have wrested unknowable secrets from the void, and have brought forth a new gem of knowledge for us – namely, that all blockbuster video games will now be open world. Why? Because The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a good, successful game that Nintendo made that features an open world. Never mind that Skyrim, Minecraft, and many other...

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First Impressions – Pokemon Duel Release

So Nintendo, in a surprise announcement, released Pokemon Duel for mobile phones – an interesting tidbit, since Duel, unlike Pokemon Go, was developed by The Pokemon Company. While I have mixed feelings on Pokemon Go, I was curious to see if an actual mobile game developed by the same company in charge of the handheld games would be a positive experience. Pokemon Duel, unlike Pokemon Go, attempts to focus on a system of battling. Having played both the Pokemon games and the trading card game, I naturally was looking forward to this – as I found – and still...

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Movie Tie-in Games – An Exploration

Truth be told, it’s a personal rule of mine to always assume the worst about any movie tie-in game. By and large, they tend to have few actual merits of their own, using tedious gameplay on an extremely rushed budget. But what is it that makes movie tie-in games so bad? In this series, I will go on a journey of suffering, dragging along Ronald and Matthew as much as they let me get away with, in order to try to quantify what it is that makes movie tie-in games so near-universally awful, and maybe find a few gems...

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Slaying Machine Gods for Fun and Profit: A Look at Final Fantasy XIII

If you’re any sort of gamer at all, you’ve probably heard of Final Fantasy, the science fiction and fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and developed and owned by the venerable Square Enix (formerly Square). The story behind the name is an interesting one, filled with twists and turns that show that sometimes, your best expectations may lead you astray…

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