Author: Matthew Lee

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Recently, there’s been a trend in RPGs – from big AAA titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition to crowd-funded classics like Pillars of Eternity where, in complete contravention of common sense, the early part of the game feels bland and uninspired, with paper-thin characters going through the motions as they stumble from one objective to the next. This seemingly pointless tedium can continue for hours, prolonged by the thought that surely things have to get better, until eventually, usually after a grisly end that seems to come out of nowhere, one has to take a step back and think about how one is spending one’s time....

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AFKer Game Jam Spotlight: The #LOWREZJAM

Summertime. A time of blazing hot sun, ocean hazards at otherwise friendly beaches, long holidays (for those still fortunate – or unfortunate – enough to be in school), and for those of us in the industry, often frantic #gamedev (because fall deadlines are coming up, and the lead time to get a title out in time for Black Friday is no as small as most people think). For those of you not crunching away on a game, but who want to be, read on, for we at AFKer have some recommendations for you! If you’re never made a game before...

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Volunteer for Games for Change 2017!

Games for Change is looking for volunteers for its annual Festival, the leading international event uniting game creators with those who believe in the positive power of digital games. Part-conference, part-street festival, part-convention, the three day event sometimes called “the Sundance of video games” (when the title isn’t being given to Indiecade) will take place at The New School’s Parsons School of Design in New York City from July 31 – August 2. Every year, in addition to showing off some of the more interesting games to hit the market, the Festival features several tracks of panels, talks and workshops for those who want...

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Extra Life: The Grassroots Gaming Charity #ForTheKids

Aside from being the day after Star Wars Day (with Mark Hamill taking advantage of the excitement to promote the #ForceForChange campaign, benefiting the Starlight Children’s Foundation), May 5 is known for a few different things. In the Mexico and in the USA, it is Cinco de Mayo (which, you may be surprised to know, does not commemorate Mexican Independence Day, but Mexico’s victory over a French invasion force), but in Korea and Japan, home to some of the most talented gamers in the world, it is Children’s Day, a holiday dedicated to the happiness of all children. That last bit is particularly relevant...

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On the End of Worlds

I’ve always been fascinated by the deaths of virtual worlds, to what happens in the final days before the servers wind down for the last time, and places and communities where people spent countless hours over many years simply cease to be. Admittedly, its a bit of a peculiar – probably somewhat morbid – interest, with most preferring to pay attention to announcements of new titles and upcoming launches, but I’ve always thought that how we face the end of things is as important as how we face beginnings. In the days before a game goes on sale, there’s all manner...

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